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        (Guangdong)Dongguan Yinrui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development, sales and service of glass precision machinery. Our company lies in the most vital city of China in economy-Dongguan City. We have advanced manufacturing equipment, best technology. Our sales network has spread over the whole country and is further spreading all over the world.

        Our main products: automatic ultrathin glass cutting machine (magnetic), automatic glass cutting process line(rack type), automatic glass cutting machine, ultrathin glass cutting process line (ball screw type), CNC ultrathin glass cutting machine, multiple cutter ultrathin glass cutting machine, automatic glass straight line cutting machine, optical glass cutting machine, glass cutting process line for round and abnormity glass, optical glass grinding machine, automatic glass washing machine (sponge type), automatic glass washing machine (air-knife type), automatic glass loading machine, ultrathin glass loading machine, ultrathin glass turning machine, ultrathin glass stacking machine and so on. We can produce according to customer's needs.

        Our company has strong team for technology and after-sale service, under the guidance of advanced science and technology, we always stick to the belief "Professional Production, Professional Service" and regard our product quality as our lives, and we will give customers more and better service for the development of our customers and will become more competitive.

        Add: No.3 Dalingya Industrial District, Daojiao Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China Zip Code: 523183
        Tel: 0769-88319361 81331281 Fax: 0769-88319365 
        After-sales Services Tel: 0769-81331280 General manager:Ms.Zhu(0)13829263778 Website: www.thewp-group.com
        Email: zhuxj@dgyinruijixie.com MSN:dgyinrui@hotmail.com
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